Wednesday, July 8, 2009

United Breaks Guitars

Halifax musician Dave Carroll's band Sons of Maxwell posted this video to YouTube two days go. So far, it's gotten more than 218,000 views there...

... and mainstream media coverage including Wolf Blitzer's CNN Situation Room tonight.

In the Creative Communications program at Red River College, we examine corporate mission statements and employee communications -- and our students learn how a customer's brand experience starts with his/her interactions with a company's employees. Brochures and websites and advertising and publicity activities are great, but if customers don't like the service they get from company employees -- especially in the YouTube era -- none of it will matter.

United's website provides a pleasant and customer-focused sounding "Customer Commitment" statement; United might take this opportunity to review that commitment with its employees all the way up the chain.

Thanks, Chris, for the heads-up!

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