Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A head-scratcher

I followed a Twitter link this evening to the Ragan Communications website, where I found what Ragan billed as "The Worst Example of Media Relations EVER."

While I don't know that to be true, the report, which the Ragan site says was filed in 2002 by reporter Elliot Davis for KTVI television in St. Louis, Missouri, certainly raises a few questions.

1) Could a "County Executive" really think this tactic would produce a positive story?

2) Could a reporter really get an interview like this one and then play it straight? Neither the reporter nor his colleague in the studio makes any comment on the... let's say... unusual nature of the County Executive's response.

3) Does this interview remind anyone other than me of Stephen Colbert's "Better Know a District" bits (except this time, it's the interviewer getting punked)?

I've never had reason to doubt anything I've seen or read on a Ragan site before. But this? I just can't imagine it's real. Let me know what you think!


  1. Weird!

    It's definitely strange that the reporter or any of his colleagues in the studio failed to mention the County Executive's odd response.

  2. It's hilarious and so funny! The reporter's serious questioning and the county executive's peculiarly 'odd' response, make this one of those weird interviews. For sure, the county executive's response won't 'win' any audience sympathy or even respect. It would surely get a lot of criticism, to an issue that should have been dealt with responsibly and with such seriousness. I wouldn't blame anyone if they would think that the county executive is a 'cuckoo'. There is always a place where one can preach. :)